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Wow it's been awhile.

2013-11-17 22:14:47 by BrianCollazo46

It seems people liked my shitty youtube poop soundboard. I guess I can make a new one but who knows.

Smash Tournament

2010-10-03 20:11:32 by BrianCollazo46

Vote for who should win the next rounds

White Ball Game 3

2010-06-27 15:42:10 by BrianCollazo46

Hey Guys Its gonna be a while for me to make White Ball Game 3. I want this one to be AWESOME!!!
So if you have any suggestions please comment this.

Also i need Help on some things if you know how to help then PM me or again comment.

Checkpoints, Players Making Levels, Following Enemies When You Get Near Them, Better Ball Trail. Better Music, Better Looking Platforms And Enemies,

Its a big list but I don't really have to put all of them.

Should I Make Games Or Flash Animations?

2010-06-25 23:48:28 by BrianCollazo46

I've been wondering whats better my games or my animations? people dont seem to like them both but i dont realy care. So Should i stick to making sprite animations or should i make games?

Flash Series

2009-12-31 16:39:38 by BrianCollazo46

i was thinking or making a series. it might suck or not depends on how people see my work but hey if they dont know you go ahead and express your self :).

i was thinking of mabie eather making a Naruto Style sonic series with the 4 sonic teams.
Or making a Nintendo Vs Sega world of warcraft style thing involving alot of characters and stuff so help me chose if you want.

Flash Series